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Casas Particulares gay-friendly in Havana

Mon 18 Jun 2018

about casas particulares gay-friendly in Havana

In Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, we will like to talk to you today about casas particulares gay-friendly in Havana. You will find accommodation in this Caribbean island, there are popping up everywhere and Cuba could not be left behind. Keep reading and learn more about this.

What to expect from a gay-friendly accommodation

In the recent years the progress in the legislation about the rights of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer o Questioning) community, and the advances in the equality all around the world, has brought a more comprehensive and tolerance.

These changes have brought some economic benefits and growth in some sectors, that before were not on the radar of the gay community.


Nowadays gays can find accommodation in houses, hotels, hostels and more, that are in a friendly environment. Where they can be treated with equality and enjoy the trip.

Where is the difference between regular accommodation and gay-friendly accommodation? In practice, there is a slight difference. In general, we can classify gay travelers as straight travelers. There are the beach lovers, the party ones, the adventurers, the cultural visitors, the green ones, and so on.

But, in this community the decision is based on what they want to do. They do not think about gay-friendly vacations. An accommodation with tolerance and respect will be better, and people will notice this from the beginning.

In an accommodation that is friendly with gays, there will not be a surprised look when they open the door and see a couple of gays or lesbians. Some gays feel like they need to say first that they are part of the LGTBQ community, before booking.

Equality and tolerance have progressed so much in the last decades, but there are some prejudices about tourism of couples of the same sex.

Characteristics of the gay travelers

These are typical characteristics of travelers in the gay community. But as we say before, as in the heterosexual, there are several types of tourist.

  • Greater buy power: this community has shown an interest in traveling, and into dedicated a lot of their income in tourism. This has also something to do with the age, millennials are also known for being travelers. They also spend more money on activities, food and tourism.
  • Interest in food, art and culture.
  • The motivation for traveling is to rest and relax.
  • They are loyal customers, they appreciate a good destination and accommodation and come back. If they have had a pleasant experience they will return.
  • Once gays and lesbian couples become parents they focus on the family-friendly accommodation.

Casas Particulares gay-friendly in Havana

A gay-friendly accommodation should be friendly and open even before the tourist has arrived. You could see that friendliness in the description of the rented property, and in the marketing of it.

The accommodation does not necessarily need to be described as gay-friendly, but it is a good idea to say that clearly. Also, when you communicate with your client and when they arrive you should have a good attitude. Do not make them feel uncomfortable. Give them a good welcoming and they will be enthusiastic and loyal, so they will come back.

If you are looking where to stay in Havana Cuba keep reading.

Information about the local scene

A good LGTB accommodation in Cuba will give you information about the local scene of this community. Including bars and clubs where you can go and enjoy.

Also, the staff will be friendly and open to give you pieces of advice and information, so you can get to see the local scene.

Some gay-friendly hotels are run by locals on the scene of the LGTB community. And they are supportive of this scene. This can be important for the tourist that like to support the local economy, instead of staying in a big hotel. Also, a local run accommodation will reflect the culture of the place and give you a better experience.

Relaxed environment

A good gay-friendly accommodation in Havana needs to be well clean and have a relaxed environment, a good attitude. In this kind of casa particular should not be a dressing code or prohibitions about late entrance or the kind of visitors you will receive.

The hotel staff should be friendly with the visitors. They should not judge you or your companions.

There must not be any difference between a regular room and a gay room. You should have all the amenities and a regular size.

A relaxed environment in a gay-friendly casa particular you should be able to talk to the other visitors and even make new friends. Usually, you will find other members of the community in this kind of accommodation.

No overprice

In a gay-friendly accommodation, you should not be charged with overprize for that. A gay hotel does not have to be more expensive than an ordinary hotel, there is no necessity to pay more.

Also, you should not have be overcharged for the entrance to the bars, restaurant, and clubs.

Examples of casas particulares gay-friendly in Cuba

In Bed and Breakfast in Cuba you will find casas particulares that are friendly with gays, this is two that we can mention.

  • Casa Lucilo y Nirma in Vinales: this is a gay-owned house that has been operating for a few years. They welcome LGTB traveler and help you to book the best tours in Vinales.
  • Casa Jorge Silvio: Calle San Jose #875 e/ Oquendo y Soledad, Centro Havana. Cuba .

It is advisable to ask any other casa particular in Cuba where you want to stay is they are gay-friendly. You can talk to the owners, tell them that you are going with your partner and ask them if they do not have any trouble with that.

Gay Havana places you should visit

The clubs and bars in Habana for gays are more every day. The nightlife is growing in the island and the gay tourism also, that is why we will like to tell you which are the best gay friendly places in Havana.

Humboldt 52

This is a famous bar that opened its doors in 2013. The friendliness of its staff and the diversity of the clients are two plus for this club. Humboldt 52 has many seats and tv screens where you can see music videos from Cuban artists. And of course, it has a big dance floor to practice your salsa moves.

The vibe of this place is so welcoming to the visitors, it is the first openly gay bar in Havana that works full time. It has a disco ball, a black room. On Wednesday you cannot miss the opera duo, and there is karaoke other nights of the week.

Humboldt #52, e/ Infanta y Hospital, Habana Centro. Phone: (+53) 5-330-2989. Open every day between 8 pm and 4 am.

Cabaret Las Vegas

This is a classic spot for gays in Havana. It is not so big, but it has a good atmosphere, dark place, full of smoke.

It is run by the Cuban government, you can see it as a bit untidy or scrappy, but as we said it is a classic spot for the gay community.  It has a good show around 23:00, so you can go to Cabaret Las Vegas before visiting Humboldt 52.

Infanta # 104, e / 25 y 27, Vedado. Phone: (53) 7-870-7939; open every day from 10 pm to 4 am.

Escaleras al Cielo

This is a hot spot every Friday night in Havana. There, the youth Cuban gay community gets together on a big dance floor with a live DJ. It has all the elements of a nightclub, a disco ball, and laser lights. It is very sophisticated.

This bar has a pole dance show, well-dressed performers, with men and women. It’s a place you will want to visit in Havana.

The address of Stairway to Heaven is Zulueta #660 e/ Apodaca y Gloria, Habana Vieja; Phone: (+53) 7-861-9198; open on Fridays from 10 pm to 3 am.

Fashion Bar Habana

This is a drag queen bar, the only one in Habana. It has a good design and an excellent dance floor. The shows are amazing. The owner is Luisito, he spent several years in Holland and then returned to Cuba.

The atmosphere is great, and its best to get there past 23:00, so you can see the best of the dance show.

You can book before getting there. Fashion Bar Habana is in San Juan de Dios, corner Aguacate, Habana Vieja. Phone to book: (53) 7-867-1676; open Saturdays from 9 pm a 4 am.

There are many other gay-friendly places like Cine Club Diferente, Café Bar Madrigal, Café Fortuna, Bar Bohemio. Cuba is well-known for its nightlife, the music, and the rhythm is on their blood, so you will enjoy everywhere you go.

This is everything you should know about Casas Particulares gay-friendly in Havana. In general, Cuba is friendly with everyone who visits the island. So, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this country and contact us to book an accommodation.


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