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Where to stay in cuba, Why you should stay in a casa particular

Fri 12 Jan 2018

Why to stay in a casa particular in Cuba

Every day more tourists want to travel around Cuba and a new homestay opens its doors for them. But, why you should stay in a casa particular in Cuba? Bed and breakfast in Cuba have gathered the most important reasons to choose this accommodation. Keep reading to learn more about it!

A popular business at the island

Cubans salary is very low, and until a few years ago they could only work for the government. This has changed and now they can have their own small businesses. Tourism was the answer to have a bigger income and a better life.

Being such a paradisiacal island, the demand for accommodations grows every day. And even if there are a few luxury hotels, the Casas particulares are more popular. These are the Cuban version of a bed and breakfast. They show how the real life on the island is.

Travelers can rent a room, a section of the house or even a whole house for themselves. They also have the opportunity to share with the owners, chat with them, to share a mojito or practice some Spanish. And, in some cases, this will mean to sacrifice their privacy.


For locals, having homes for rent in Cuba can be their only source of income or a complement to their regular job. The accommodation is supervised by the government in order to guaranty the best experience to the guests.

Owners also have to pay a fee to the government every month that is around 30 to 70 CUC. They do it to keep their license. Your hosts will try their best to give you and your family the comfort you all deserve. Even if the amenities to offer are limited.

stay in a casa particular in Cuba

What to expect when arriving at a private home?

A homestay in Cuba can be slightly different from a bed and breakfast in any other country. The atmosphere has the essence of the Caribbean people, and travelers can feel it since the very first moment.

Tourists would have a warm welcome when they arrive at the home. The host will show them the house and their room, where they’ll have a private bathroom. The guest will receive the keys so they can come and go whenever they want.

There would be a place to eat for the guests. But, if they want, they can ask the host to have breakfast or dinner with them. And this will be a nice moment to chat and learn about their culture.

Don’t expect to have internet access at this houses. Just a few houses have wifi and connection is very deficient in Cuba. And sometimes the signal comes from a public hotspot located close to the accommodation. In any case, is not free to use it. You will have to buy a card to have internet access.

This doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Because if you want to find information about what to do in Cuba, remember you are staying with Cubans. The owners of the accommodation can provide all the information you need to know. If you need to book a casa particular in another town, they can also help you with that.

Do you want to share a local drink or eat real Cuban food? Ask the host if he/she knows how to prepare a mojito (and they probably know). This is another reason why Casas particulares are the best places to stay in Cuba.

  • There is also a rule every tourist have to respect. Don’t bring Cuban visitors to the home, at least they sign at the guest book. This is a legal rule.

You will always have where to stay in Cuba

Imagine you booked your room online and confirmed the day before. But, when you arrive at your home there is no place for you. Yes, this is common to happen but you don’t have to worry about it.

It can be confusing at first, but soon you’ll realize the owner will have you covered. This usually happens because the previous guest decided at last minute to stay longer. Or because another person showed up before you the home. And the host won’t lose the chance to rent the room, just in case the next guest never arrives.

If this happens to you, ask the owner to let you use the phone to contact another homestay. They also know other owners that can give you a room for the same price. There is no need to be stressed by the situation because there will always be a solution.

Why you should stay in a casa particular in Cuba

Private houses are the best accommodation in Cuba. And these are the reasons why you need to consider staying in one of those.

A house where you need it to be

Do you want to wake up and contemplate the beach? Or you prefer to have breakfast on the balcony watching how the town comes to live downstairs? Certainly, there would be a house to cover your needs.

Casas particulares are popular and many Cubans have room for rents. That means there is a house wherever you go, and with the requirements that you want.

Of course, the prices will be different according to the place. A house at the city center would be more expensive than one in the suburbs. But, you can save money on transportation. It all depends on what you need and the money you have.

You are traveling on a budget

Traveling on a budget to Cuba is possible if you know how to do it. Renting in a casa particular is cheaper than a hotel. And the price range is very varied, so you can choose what is better for your pocket.breakfast in a casa particular

Also, you will receive advises from the host on how to save money during your trip. If you choose to have breakfast at home, you won’t have to buy snacks outside.

Sometimes the owners offer extra touristic services cheaper than other businesses. Or they know people that can give you a discount. This would be hard to find a travel guide.

Share and live with locals

This is one of the main reasons every traveler choose to stay in a private home. In a hotel the contact with locals is limited. The atmosphere travelers will find is similar to any hotel in the world.

In a casa particular there is a chance to mix with Cubans and know their culture from inside. The music, the food, the drinks, how they work and share in family… everything.

The hosts are not the only Cubans with whom the traveler have the opportunity to share with, but also with the community around them. The best hotels in Havana will have everything in one place, sometimes you don’t even have to get out. But staying in havana in a casa particular there is a home feeling. You can get out of the house and have a coffee or sugar cane juice at a merendero surrounded by locals.

Support Cuban business

By staying in a private home you are already contributing to a Cuban family. But usually, the owners have some other services to offer. They can also run a local restaurant, call paladares, for example.

But that’s not all. They can serve as tourist guides, taxi drivers, salsa dance teachers and more. You could even have cooking classes if you find the right house.

Get tips from locals

Who knows better Cuba than Cubans? Locals will provide all the information travelers need. What are the best places to eat or to have a drink, the best attractions to visit, how to find transportation, and more.

Are you looking for a place to hang out that is not crowded with tourists? Ask your host and they’ll have the answer.

Or, you want to book a casa particular in Havana Vieja form Trinidad and don’t have any reference? The host will know someone who can help you. They could even call themselves to another owner and book the room for you.

Enjoy more space for yourself

In a casa particular you can book a room, a part of the house or the entire house. In any case, you will have more space to relax. And in no time your privacy is threatened.

Even if you just book a room, there will be common areas to enjoy and entertain yourself. The guests can share with the owners if they want to. It would feel like to be at the own house.

Educate citizens of the world

Are you traveling with kids or you want to learn by yourself the real life and culture in Cuba? Go to the island and get involved with local people is the best way to do it, an opportunity know the real cuba and the cuban charm.

In a casa particular you can share with Cubans as a family if you want to. At the end of the trip, you and your family will be more open mind and understanding about the different cultures. This is one of the best lections you can give to your children.

After reading this post we are sure you’ll find more reasons why you should stay in a casa particular in Cuba. Tell us what you think about it. Are you ready to book an accommodation in Cuba? Contact us.

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