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5 Reasons to Visit Cuba in 2020 - BandBCuba

Tue 12 Nov 2019

Old car

Credits: pixabay.com/ro

Cuba is one of the most beautiful and famous countries in the whole world. The island country is visited by countless tourists every year and there are good reasons for that. Even though it may not seem like the classic vacation destination, Cuba has something to offer to every traveler and tourist and it is a place worth visiting. We listed some of the top reasons why you should have Cuba on your travel list.

1. The untouched history

Cuba has a very long and interesting history. Many people tend to refer to Cuban history only thinking about communist times. But the truth is that this small island country has many other hidden stories that will make you love it even more.

What is particular for Cuba and one of the reasons why professional photographers love it is the architecture. Cuba managed to keep most of the historical buildings untouched and they are a great way to see the golden days of Cuba and the traces of all the eras. The streets are famous for the colorful vibes and you will enjoy strolling through these untouched pieces of history.

Old cars

Credits: pixabay.com/ro

2. The vintage cars

Cuba is famous for having the largest collection of vintage cars that are used daily. The cars here come from different times and they are all in excellent shape. What is particular for Cuba is that you will rarely see new cars on the streets. The locals prefer to keep these beautiful gems in perfect condition to use them daily.

There are many car museums in Cuba where you can see the evolution of design and specifications but you also be able to see all these things live. Another great thing about Cuban cars is that they are all very colorful. This, combined with the colorful buildings forms the perfect dance of colors that will make you want to explore this beautiful country even more.


3. The Cuban cigars

Cuba is famous for many things and the cigars are one of the most popular things. The country has a very long history of producing cigars and you will have the chance to even visit the places where some of the most delicious cigars in the world are produced. One of the best factories that keep the vintage vibe is Bolivar. This is one of the premium Cuban cigar brands that produces the famous Bolivar Libertador.

There are many places in which you can buy Cuban cigars and many places where you can enjoy them. Tasting a Cuban cigar in its homeland should be on your bucket list. What can be more beautiful than enjoying a Cuban cigar while sipping a glass of wine with Latin music in the background?


Credits: pixabay.com/ro

4. The music and dance culture

Speaking of music, Cuba is one of the main Latin music producers in the world. At almost every restaurant and pub you will be delighted by the amazing Cuban music. The clubs also have live music most of the evenings and you will be able to fully enjoy the local culture while practicing your dance moves.

The Latin dance that is specific for this country is salsa. This is one of the most dynamic and beautiful dances in the world and all the Cubans enjoy dancing. Even if you don't know any of the steps, they will be friendly enough to teach you this amazing dance.


Credits: pixabay.com/ro

5. The beaches

Besides culture and history, Cuba is also famous as one of the most beautiful summer destinations in the whole world. The beaches here have soft sand and the ideal temperature all over the year. The country offers some amazing resorts where you can relax near a cold glass of Cuba Libre.

 If you want to explore the country more authentically, the locals will gladly accommodate you in the traditional houses. This way you will be able to fully explore the culture.

Cuba is a unique country that offers some of the best experiences. The history, landscapes, nature, and culture will make you want to visit this country over and over again. The locals are very welcoming and you will enjoy every moment spent here.




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