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How to enjoy cruise tourism in Cuba

Mon 14 May 2018

How to enjoy cruise tourism in Cuba

If you plan to take a vacation you can consider doing it by boat. In this post of Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, we will teach you how to enjoy cruise tourism in Cuba. This way, you can know the benefits offered by this kind of travel. Keep reading to learn about this topic.

What you should know before embarking

Navigating the Caribbean Sea is one of the most pleasurable and incomparable experiences with any other place in the world. But, before shipping, you must take into account some factors so that the trip does not become a headache. In this short list, we will tell you the essential things you must have when embarking the cruise.

  1. Passport or identification. This should never be missed when leaving on a trip. We always recommend bringing another document that identifies you in case of losing your passport during the trip.
  2. Boarding Pass documents. Although many cruise companies allow the check-in online, others that recommend you to do this in person. It is always good to make sure what the company's policy is at this point.
  3. Cash and credit cards. Cash or credit cards are always important. Cruises include food and drinks, but not souvenirs. Also, they will dock in ports where you can make purchases.
  4. Luggage tagged. Suitcases should usually have the labels that say the ship, your name, cabin number, and a serial number. You need this to keep track of everything that is uploaded to the ship.
  5. Hand luggage. As when you travel by plane you must have a carry-on baggage with your personal items. From jewelry to toiletries. You can include clothes, shoes, and everything necessary in case of any eventuality.

When boarding a cruise ship, in general, the staff that is part of the crew gives you a program of activities. This helps to inform about all the events that will take place on the ship during the trip. It is necessary that you read that and ask if you have any doubts at the moment.

In the same way, there are activities that you can do when you arrive at the ports. These can be guided by the staff of the cruise company or you can do them independently. It is a good way to know the different places where they arrive.

Most important ports in Cuba

On the Caribbean island, there are several important ports that are often used by large vessels.

  • Cienfuegos terminal. A port visited by most tourists is the city of Cienfuegos. Although it is in constant restoration, it has many amenities for the tourist. This without leaving aside all the benefits offered by the city itself. Cienfuegos is preferred by tourists over others with more relevance. You can arrive there and stay in Casas particulares in Cienfuegos.
  • Sierra Maestra Terminal. It is located in the Bay of Havana, in the historic center of the Cuban capital located exactly opposite to the San Francisco Square. This was known as the Loading Dock of Havana. Although currently occupies other functions as offices of the General Customs of the Republic, migration and of course as the main dock for cruise ships.
  • Punta Francés Terminal. This port is used by most shipping companies in the best time to travel to Cuba. It is located on the Juventud island and is one of the favorite tourist destinations both for Cubans and tourists.

The natural monuments of this island are its main attraction and that is why we recommend you to visit it. Either as part of a cruise route or by simple private tourism.



Best routes for cruises in Cuba

Cruises in Cuba, as in other parts of the world, have different routes. Some dock in nearby islands. The most common is that they arrive from other nations of the continent, with easy access to the ports of the nation, such as the United States. The price of the tickets starts at $ 334 per person and varies according to some requirements.

Carnival Cruise Line recently announced that a four-day route from Charleston-South Carolina to Havana-Cuba will be available for the last quarter of 2019. By the beginning of 2020, the expect a five-day itinerary that will link the Bahamas and Cuba.

The same travel agency will have new cruises from three ports in Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa. These tours are also expected for 2019.

All these trips follow the regulations and are approved by the United States Department of the Treasury.

Advantages of cruise tourism

Cruise tourism has some benefits that you can take advantage of, especially if you want to know several places in a short period. Besides to the different activities that you can do in the same boat. There are other things that surpass this type of travel on those made with other means of transport:

  • Cheaper. A cruise ticket can be cheaper than a plane ticket. 
  • Different forms of enjoyment. You have many ways to have fun inside and outside the boat. As we already mentioned, the agency prepares a guide with available activities that will make it easier for you to arrive.
  • You can visit more countries. They offer you the possibility of arriving in several countries or cities of the same nation. So you can know more places 
  • You live and interact with more people. Cruises are ideal for meeting people. Also, there is always a great variety of nationalities. You can take advantage of and learn from new cultures or make friends from other countries. 

We hope that these data on how to enjoy cruise tourism in Cuba will be of benefit to you. If you still have questions about it, do not hesitate to write us. We are always attentive to comments and willing to help you with your requirements.


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