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How to prepare your luggage for your trip to Cuba? #infographic

Fri 28 Apr 2017

prepare luggage cuba

If you want to prepare the luggage for your trip to Cuba do not miss these tips of BandCuba, Bed and Breakfast in Cuba. In a trip to the Caribbean, it is essential to guarantee certain types of clothing, footwear, protection creams and vaccines to avoid problems on the routes. Ready to make your checklist? Let's start!

Organization and savings: Keys to travel to the Caribbean

If you plan to travel to Cuba for your next vacation and also in high season it is important that you organize. This should not only be reserved for clothing and travel accessories, but also for everything related to the economy. Currency exchange is not so advantageous for tourists so they should carry a good amount of savings. Plan your trip to Cuba in advance so you can collect enough money and make reservations in time. If you want to save a little consider staying in a private house B & B (Bed and Breakfast) to have a unique local experience. In this country there are many people willing to open the doors of their home for a few days.

For those who are have a tight budget it is best to do a detailed planning of the activities to do. In Cuba there are tickets to monuments and sites that are inexpensive and even free. If you leave the borders of Old Havana you will notice that there are many places to enjoy and eat.

8 tips to prepare luggage for your trip to Cuba

At the moment of packing for your trip to the Caribbean you should keep in mind this 8 tips that we will give you to organize better and do not forget anything of the essentials.

1- Know the basics about the city you travel to

To be able to pack better it is important that you do a little research about the city you will visit, can be Havana, Varadero, Pinar del Río or Santiago de Cuba, among others. This way you can prepare everything related to clothes, accessories, money for the days you will be visiting and what is necessary to fulfil your itinerary.

We make this small card with some of the basic data of this country so that you take them into account when packing your luggage:

  • Climate: It is subtropical divided into 2 seasons, the first is dry (November to April), characterized by being wet and cool, the temperature ranges from 21 to 27 °. Then comes the summer, the warmest season where temperatures reach from 22 to 31ºC.
  • Electricity: It is 110 V / 60 Hz and in some places 220 V / 60 Hz with flat pin outlets. Take this into account when buying an adapter.
  • Currency: There are two types of exchange: Cuban pesos (CUP) and Cuban convertible pesos (CUC). The latter are for tourists and their change is the equivalent of a dollar. In exchange the currency that has the most advantage is the euro.
  • Prohibited objects: Pornographic magazines, sharp objects, fresh produce (vegetables, fruits), vaccines for animal use, wireless microphones and much more are prohibited objects in Cuban customs.

2- Organize a checklist of what you will need

Now that you know the basics about the country and city you visit, start to do a checklist of what you need to bring. This should be organized taking into account the clothing, economy and documentation required for entry.

For example in your travel list to Cuba includes medication, passport, medical insurance, changes of clothing (light), underwear and swimwear. If you are going to carry technological objects take into account the prohibitions mentioned above and read the list of what you can or cannot carry.

It is also important that you take into account personal care products such as soap, perfumes and shavers. Every little detail counts since then it will be difficult to acquire it in the island.

3- Pack light clothes and a coat

Wear light clothing and suitable for the Caribbean climate. Pack light beach dresses, comfortable walking clothes, shorts, skirts and flannels. In this area you can wear colorful or printed garments as it is a tropical environment and it is common to see them in the locals.

Do not forget to bring at least a light coat for the cooler nights especially if you go in dry season.

4- Take a copy of your passport and all your documentation

On a trip to any country the most important thing is always to take care of your documentation. A robbed passport or document can make your trip a nightmare with the procedures of recovery (depends on your embassy). When going for a walk, it is advisable to take a copy of the passport and leave the original in a safe or secure place. Same with your other documents.

To entry to Cuba you will need to have your valid passport for more than 6 months, medical insurance policy, round trip ticket and an accommodation address. No proof of vaccination is required.

5- Beware of expensive items (over $ 1000)

In Cuban taxes office there are many objects prohibited or subject to tax by entry. If technological or other products exceed $ 1000, they may be temporarily seized. That's why it's important that you avoid wearing expensive gadgets, jewelry, luxury items or expensive gifts.

Ask your travel advisor about the risks in case you want to take a high-priced present back home. In some cases to pass it with a statement will suffice. Also to leave the same applies. You cannot take luxury objects or commemorative or important works of art in the region.

6- Bring comfortable walking shoes

Cuba is an enchanting country and regardless of the region where you are you will want to walk and know every corner. That's why footwear is so important on a trip to the Caribbean. Carrie at least 3 pairs of shoes: a resistant sports or semi-rigids boots, sandals (lady or gentleman) and other comfortable for the nocturnal and casual exits.

Tip: To protect the footwear wrap each pair in cloth, plastic or newspaper bags. Locate them on the sides or on the top to prevent crushing and lose their shape to the bottom of the suitcase.

7- Bring accessories and creams to protect you from the sun

Welcome to the Caribbean! In Cuba you will need protection for the sun, especially if you go to areas such as Varadero, Pinar del Rio and the natural parks in Cuba where you will be constantly exposed. Some products that you will need are: lenses, sun block and a hat. If you are a girl and like to makeup you can get a thin base with sun protection compound.

The choice of sunscreen is delicate and these are the products that will protect your skin from burns and aging product from UVB and UVA rays. Some tips to choose from are:

  • Look for the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) greater than 15, the ideal is 25. The greater the more protection you will have, take into account the delicacy of your skin from previous experiences.
  • Avoid sun protection products containing Oxybenzone. This element is being investigated as its use may increase the risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Read the labels and look for common elements like zinc oxide, ecamsule, ulisobenzone, evobenzone and titanium dioxide.

8- Do not forget the basics for personal care

Do not forget that in Cuba there are regulations and it can be quite difficult to get the basics for personal hygiene. In your checklist take this into account to pack feminine care towels, toothbrush, soap, a small first aid kit, ointments against injuries... and everything you think you need.

Carry everything well protected. And check transport conditions for creams, perfumes and other flavored liquids.

Cheats for packing more efficiently

If you already have everything you are going to take ready to pack apply some of these tricks to optimize the space.

  1. Put some pairs of socks and small objects inside your shoes to save space in the suitcase.
  2. The correct method to pack is by making a roll with the clothes and pressing it to make it better in the suitcase. This trick requires organization.
  3. Order archival style to improve order in the suitcase.
  4. For cosmetics, scented creams and lotions use small plastic bags to protect them from spills.
  5. Place the small objects in a container of pills or lenses to make sure they do not become entangled.
  6. If you want comfort when traveling, carry a pillowcase in your hand luggage and fill it with clothes or sheets on the way.
  7. Remember to always carry the heaviest clothing on the road.

If these tips to prepare luggage for your trip to Cuba were served do not hesitate to share this entry in your social networks. If you are traveling to Cuba contact us, so we will help you find a private house that suits your tastes and itinerary.

prepare luggage cuba infographic

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