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Travel hacks to have a better trip

Tue 14 Nov 2017

travel hacks to have a better trip

Planning a vacation is exciting. You can see yourself making memories and enjoying the time discovering a new culture. But there are some secrets that will make it even better. Here are some travel hacks to have a better trip that Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, www.bandbcuba.com, have for you.

Save money from day one

No matter where you go, the main concern of ordinary citizens when planning a trip is money. You’ve been dreaming about this Caribbean vacation, and now that it’s possible you might want to make every penny worth.

Cuba is not such an expensive country. It’s possible to travel on a budget and 1 CUC, the currency used for tourists is more or less 1 US dollar. But, while you’re on the island you’ll need cash to pay everything. Even for renting a car, don’t trust in ATMs.

But you are not in Cuba yet, and you have just begun to plan your trip. What are some tips to save money on your next trip? Here they are.

Frequent travelers recommend exploring several online tools to compare ticket prices. So you can choose the cheaper option. But, there is much more than that you can do.

When you start looking for tickets do it in a private navigation or erase the cookies and browser history on your PC. Why? Travel companies would know which sites you have visited and they’ll use this information to show you prices they believe you can pay for.

Another tip is to check for alternate airports. If you’re planning to go to Playa Giron, Havana seems to be the best option to arrive. But not so far, in Matanzas, there is another international airport. Explore the options, according to the town you are visiting.

Also, try to book a flight that departs on Tuesday or Wednesday, because those days are cheaper than the rest of the week.

Once you’re on your trip be smart managing your money. Even hide a little money from yourself. Stash some cash in an unusual place or an inside pouch. If you need it, it’ll be there. And don’t take all the money every time you go out. Calculate how much would be necessary for transportation, food, souvenirs, etc.

More travel hacks to have a better trip

Our first tips where about cheap flight hacks and how to save money. Now take note of more travel advises making your trip easier and better.

Learn how to pack

Infographic travel hacks to have a better trip

Packing is an art. Travelers want to flight abroad light but don’t want to leave behind something they could need. And if you go to Cuba, you would have to bring things such as medicines, sunscreen, diapers and baby formula if you have children, etc. Because that stuff is not easy to find on the island.

So, it’s important to learn how to fold clothes for travel and make everything fit in your luggage. One trick is to roll the clothes instead of folding them, it would save some space.

Also, try to pack less. Think about what you really need and leave the rest out. One way to achieve this is to think about what you want to take and then take half of that.

For the airplane travel, you could use wearable luggage to save some space and weight.

To pack the carry-on remember there are restrictions about what people can take in the cabin. Taking precautions will save time and inconvenience. If you are going to need moisturizer or any other cream or gel, store small amounts of them in contacts lenses cases.

Pack some essentials in the carry on such as a change of clothes, medications and hygiene products. You never know when you are going to need it. A trick to keep the clothes fresh in the luggage is to pack a dryer sheet.

Don’t forget to pack travel containers for liquids. An empty bottle of water on your carry on would be ok. This way you don’t have to spend any money buying water at the airport. Just need to refill it at the water fountain after past security.

And don’t forget to weigh your luggage before the check-in. Even better to do it at home, because this way you can take some items out.

Infographic source

How to pack jewelry

Before these final packing hacks, let us tell you that you won’t need fancy jewelry in Cuba. But, if you still want to take some of them with you, here are some advice:

  • Pack necklaces on drinking straws to prevent them from becoming tangled up.
  • To avoid tangles you can also use a sheet of bubble wrap to roll the jewels on it. If you don’t have bubble wrap, use a sheet of toilet paper or napkins.
  • Another option is latching the necklaces through an empty toilet paper roll.

Airplane hacks

Airplane seats are not the most comfortables ones. Space is limited and after a while, you start to feel tired, bored or sleepy. There are some airplane hacks to avoid these discomforts.

First, always bring a hoodie with you. It could be used in several ways during the trip. For example, roll it and place it under your lower back. This will make you feel more comfortable. Also, you could use it as a pillow. Or wear it if you feel cold.

You could bring a pillowcase too and use it the same way than the hoodie. And, during the trip, use it as a laundry bag.

Airlines offer different options to eat on the plane. If you have the opportunity to choose, try a vegetarian option on the flight. This food is fresher and healthier than the rest.

Make sure to have something to do on the plane. Include an amenity kit for the flight. This would be useful especially for kids. And, this could guarantee some fun for the long waiting hours at the airport too. Some ideas for the kids are puzzles, games on the tablet that don’t need an internet connection, coloring books, etc.

Also, you can download some family movies on the tablet. This will keep the kids busy during the trip.

Enjoy with locals

You are off the plane and the trip around Cuba officially began. Here on the island or anywhere you go, there is no better way to enjoy than sharing with locals. And Cubans are especially friendly with visitors; take that in your favor.

Take the time to get to know better the owners of the Casa Particular where you’re staying. They are there to help and make you feel comfortable. And also, they’ll be happy to share their culture. Ask them for places you should visit, as locals they should know this. Not every traveler wants to stick to touristic places.

Also, you can test your Spanish skills with them, and learn some new words. This would be useful when you are out.

While you are on the island take time to travel by land. This is an opportunity to see more of the country and there is more flexibility. It also can be cheaper than flying. Enjoy the experience of traveling by road. Even if it’s a short tour of a day trip from Havana to Vinales.

To travel by road you’ll need to rent a car ahead. Don’t wait to get to Cuba, because it would be harder, and the issues with credit cards, you’d have to pay in cash. Take a map with you, using GPS won’t be an option on the island.

Another way to enjoy these vacations as a local is eating like one. Local food is the best option and generally, you’ll get better quality food. Another benefit is that this would be cheaper. Homemade food, as the one served at Casas Particulares, is delicious.

Travel safe

Always take precautions while you are traveling abroad. Cuba is a safe country; it doesn’t mean that robbery and assaults don’t happen. Avoid “dressing like a tourist”; yes, you are a tourist, but try to mix with locals and don’t bring attention with your cargo pants, a khaki hat, and a big camera.

Put all your valuables in a bag and always close to you. Keep an eye on it every time. Don’t let your wallet or any money in the back pockets of your pants. The bags keep it in front of you and with a hand on it.

Don’t take a large amount of money to the street. Just calculate how much you are going to need for the day. The rest, keep it in a safe place in your room.

As we said, you don’t need to bring your jewels to the street. Instead, keep it at the accommodation. Also, let your passport safe in your room. Take photocopies of the important documents and keep them all the time with you. Also, you could take pictures of them.

What do you think of these travel hacks to have a better trip? Do you believe they are useful, share it on your social media with other travelers? And if you’d like to add another tip, leave us a comment or contact us.

travel hacks to have a better trip infographic

Infographic source


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