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When to Travel to Cuba? Choosing between the low or high season

Fri 02 Mar 2018

When to Travel to Cuba Choosing between the low or high season

This Caribbean Island is an amazing destination, it is known for its perfect weather and beaches. It is trendy now to visit this country. That is why we would like to answer the question about When to Travel to Cuba? Choosing between the low or high season. Keep reading and start planning your trip to Cuba.

Summer the entire year

Going to Cuba is the best decision you can make. This country is wonderful. Not just its beaches, but its people are its main attraction. When you arrive at Cuba you will feel the good spirit, you will enjoy the food, the coffee, the parks, rum, tobacco, and of course, the seashores.

weather in Cuba does not have many variations in all the year. In average the climate in Cubahas temperatures around the 25°C. The sun goes out almost every day in the year. The water temperature varies between 25 and 30°C.

In Cuba, there is summer the entire year. As you can see the temperatures are excellent the 12 months. So, it is possible to visit La Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and any keys whenever you want.


There are two main weather seasons in Cuba, the dry and the summer ones. The dry season goes from November to April, the maximum temperatures are around 27-28 °C; there are less rain and no hurricanes.

summer season is from May to October, is humid and rainy, the maximum temperatures rise to 30-32°C and the minimum goes to 22-24°C, there is a chance of hurricanes.

In the summer season happens the hurricane season, from June to November. On these months hurricanes and tropical cyclones can arrive at the island. But this is something you shouldn´t worry about when planning your trip.

Keep in mind that the big hurricanes do not happen every year. Even if it does arrive a cyclone, you’ll get help from the authorities.

When to Travel to Cuba? Choosing between the low or high season

In general, we can say that every month of the year is good to travel to Cuba. Now this country is getting more visitants than ever, people are eager to get to know this Caribbean Island. Nature, history, culture, buildings and virgin beaches are its main attractions. Also, the pleasant weather is a plus in favor of Cuba.

Planning your trip to Cuba

When planning your trip to Cuba, you will need to make a lot of decisions. Some of them are whether you are going to stay in Casas Particulares in Havanaor hotels, what places you will visit, what transportation you will use. But before this, you should think about the days you will prefer to go to Cuba.

best month to visit Cuba depends on what you want to do and where you want to stay. Is not the same thing if you want to go to the beach, do horseback riding or concentrated in a cultural trip.

For example, if you want to go to a festival, a party or local celebration you should check the local calendar and see when and where is going to take place this year.

Deciding when is the best time to book a holiday in Cuba can be difficult, there are better months when the weather is perfect for going to the beach and do outside activities. But, in general, the entire year is summer in Cuba.

Rancho Lunas Beach

Month by month in Cuba

January is fresh, you can go to the beach by day, and enjoy the pleasant weather by night. While August is hotter, in September and October is most probably that there is a tropical storm.

For example, February is great if you want to go around Vinales Valley. Because you will be able to see the picking of the tobacco, and you can go to the beaches in the keys like Levisa and Jutias. In this month take place the Festival del Habano, a cultural meeting, this year was between the 25th of February and 2nd of March.

This festival is very famous, this year celebrated its 20th anniversary. It’s a symbol of tradition and exclusiveness. It enhances the value of the process of production of the best tobacco. If you are a tobacco fan you should visit La Havana on these days, and then you could go to the beaches of Varadero.

In March the temperature rises, and the weather starts to feel like a regular summer because of the heat of the Caribbean. So, if your trip is mainly to visit beaches and do activities outside this month is perfect for you to visit Cuba.

April is also an enjoyable time to go to this island, it is still not rainy, but not so hot. While in June the heat is taking for granted, it is very rainy in the Vinales and the north of the island.

It can be hot between June and August, but these months are also the vacations months in Cuba. So the beaches will be full of people. This is the summertime, warm and humid.

High season in Cuba

From November to April, and July and August, we can say are the peak season months. This means that the prices are higher, so you should book your accommodation with weeks ahead. The hotels and casas particulares raise the prices because of the high amount of tourist that are booking.

accommodation is not the only thing that will cost you more, also the food and the souvenirs. This is something that happens in every tourist destination around the world. The high season is always more expensive than the low one.

July and August are crowded months because they match with the summer vacations in USA, Europe, and Canada. There are perfect for going to the beach, do water sports, hiking tours and going to parties, the common summer things.

From November to April, the dry season is very popular for tourism in Cuba. This is the winter and concurs with the Christmas and holidays. November and December are great months to visit Cuba. The pleasant temperature, less rain, and no hurricanes are its main attraction.

Low season in Cuba

low season months in Cuba are from late April to June, and September and October. In these months the hotels and Casas Particulares prices are low, due to the low affluence of visitors. Thus, if you are traveling to Cuba with a low budget you should book in this season.

April and May are considered the best months to go to Cuba. These are perfect because are before the hurricane season, and you could get prices 30 % lower than in the high season.

Although April and May are rainy months, the normal thing is that it rains a couple of days every two weeks. The showers are not all-day long, so it would not be impossible to go to the beach.

September and October are low months because of the hurricane season. People tend to be afraid of the hurricanes and tropical storm. But there should not be such fear because the island is prepared to pay attention to their population and visitors during these emergencies.

tropical storms are short, and they last just hours. The sun will rise after a brief period.


Conclusions about the best time to visit Cuba

In general, you can visit Cuba any time of the year. The weather is very good, perfect to go to the beach the twelve months. There are some rainy days and the hurricane season, but there will never be a week without a sunny day to enjoy the Caribbean sea.

weather is one of the first things to keep in mind. You will need to choose between de dry and the rainy season. Also, you will need to decide if you will like to take the risk of traveling in the hurricane season when the weather is perfect, but there is a chance to get in the middle of a storm.

Another thing to keep in mind is the budget. Like in every touristic country there is a high and a low season. The peak season is more expensive than the low, because of the amount of tourist that is visiting the island. So, if your budget is low, we recommend you choose between April and June.

One more aspect to keep in mind is that in the high season the beaches are full of people. For example between July and September are the holidays in Cuba´s schools. The locals plan their vacations; they travel in the island and go to beaches. This means that you will find that the tourist spots are full of people and maybe you would not enjoy them as much as you will in the low season.

truth is that there is no perfect answer to the question ‘when to Travel to Cuba?’ Choosing between the low or high season. It depends on you, what you will like to do and where you will go. We could tell you that April and May are the best months, so if you decide for these ones contact us and book your accommodation. 


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