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Why you should go on vacations? 12 reasons #infographic

Fri 19 May 2017

Why you should go on vacations

We will like you to know why you should go on vacations, in BandbCuba.com we'll give you 12 reasons to travel and book your Bed and breakfast in Cuba. It´s important to find a balance between the hard work and some free time. Vacation time it´s necessary, you should save money and go to a Caribbean island, your brain deserve some rest.

People work hard nowadays

We are talking about vacation and you are reading this from your office or in you commute to work. It´s not a secret that people work hard nowadays. We dedicate more hours to our jobs that the ones we spend with our families.

In the infographic at the end of this post you will find some numbers about how we work. We will like to write them to you, so you can read them:

  • 80 % of workers feel stressed on their jobs.
  • 90 % of workers work 40 hours or more per week.
  • 40 % of workers feel they can´t justify taking time off work.
  • 57 % of workers have unused vacation time at the end of the year.

Some shocking numbers, right? We can conclude that people work hard, many hours a week, they don´t take vacation. And even if they know they need that free time, they feel ashamed to take it.

Other facts that you should acknowledge are:

  • Between 1978 and 2000 de United States workers took an average of 20,3 days off each year.
  • But, in 2015 the north Americans took just 16,2 days of vacation.
  • A Google survey from 2014 found out that 42 % of Americans said they didn´t take a single day of vacation in 2014. This leaves a total of 658 million unused vacations days.
  • Why people don´t take time off? The main reasons are the fear of returning to much more work to do, believing that nobody else can do their job, they also said they cant´t financially afford to pay vacations. Another reason is that they do not want to be seen as replaceable at their jobs.
  • And, if people take their vacation they feel some compromise with their jobs. 1 of 4 workers are not sure if the company expects them to work while on vacation. While 31 % said they put some kind of pressure on themselves to check work while on vacation.

12 reasons of why you need vacations

Vacation time is good for a smarter brain, don’t avoid or be afraid of your time off from work.

1. Boost brain power

A study from Harvard Medical School from 2009 determined that when your brain is completely relaxed, it consolidates knowledge and brain power. That can improve and memorize new skills learned the week before.

2. Vacations = Full recharge

As human beings we don’t have batteries, so we don’t have a mental reserve pool of power. That´s why a study from the University of California, from 2014 found out that vacations are crucial in returning a well-functioning brain back to its prime.

3. Sharper mind

The University of Ninjmegen found in 2003 that when we are not actively doing a task, our brains connects and consolidates current ideas with prior knowledge. That’s why you can have new ideas and solution to problems you had heard before, you´ll have a smarter brain if you have vacations.

4. Longer live

Clinical trials has prove that when workers take their frequent annual vacations they can reduce their risk of disease by 21 %.

5. Prevent disease

When you are working, even if you don’t want to, you are exposure to stress. And without vacations, that time experiencing stress can be too long and it can damage your heart. A well-managed vacation can lead to increased happiness and reduced stress. That is a problem specially if you work long hours, and can increase your risk of coronary heart disease by 40 %.

6. Better heart for you

If men skip vacation time for several years can increase their chance of suffering a heart attack by 30 %.

Research shows that taking an annual vacation is associated with a decrease in heart disease.

7. Improves work quality

As we said before people is used to work more than 40 hours per week. And working long hours per day for many days in a row can affect the cognitive performance of people that causes a decline in work quality.

If you take vacations regularly you won´t have this problem. It can prevent that issue.

8. Vacations can inspire you

Some studies have found that taking time off to explore multicultural destinations, like La Havana in Cuba. It can stimulate you creativity and helps you to generate ideas.

Taking vacations is perfect for you if you have a creativity block, ideal if you are a writer, painter or any kind of artist.

9. Better performance

It looks like a contradiction but when more vacation time you have, the better you will perform at work, it has been proved by some different papers. One of those paper showed that every 10 hours of vacation time could be reflected in a better performance, by 8 %, the following year.

Studies show that performance increase after breaks of all lengths from minibreaks of less than a minute to long vacations. Research also suggest that managers believe that time off work can lead to increase the employee productivity, get a better workplace morale and greater employee retention.

10. Mental wellbeing: Relieve depression

Taking more day off, in a well-deserved vacation can make you less prone to depression or depressive episodes.

11. More sleep for you

A study found that people sleep one hour more after coming home from a vacation that has resulted in 30-40 % improvement in reaction time.

12. Vacations can motivate you

Vacations can cause people to have a better life perspective while motivating them to achieve their goals. Even if you take one vacation day off you can see the change.

Now you know that weather you take one or two day off, or two weeks is good for you. You should pick a date and a destination. Prepare your luggage for your trip and go.

Why you should go to Cuba on your next vacation?

Cuba is an iconic place, a Caribbean island full of charm and history. The

cuban cars in havana

 historical sites in Cuba are one of its main attractions, everywhere you turn there are historical places to visit.

In Havana you don´t want to lose the sight of Morro Castle, a fortress from the 16th century that has been part of the history of this country and has helped to defend the bay.

And there are not only in Havana. For example Trinidad, the town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, it has beautiful colonial architecture.

Colonial history is not the only history you will find in Cuba, more recent history can also stimulate your curiosity as a tourist. You will be able to see the monument of the icon of the Cuban revolution Ernesto Che Guevara in Santa Clara.

Because of the revolution and the embargo from United States Cuba has remain isolated from the modern times. There you will be able to see the old cars, probably you have seen them in photos. But there you will be able to check this cars in almost every street.

Must of the cars that goes around Cubans streets are from 1950s, they are an icon of this country. When you see this vehicles you have the sensation of time traveling. They are a beauty that you don’t want to miss.

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Amazing beaches to relax yourself

The Cubans beaches are worldwide famous, it´s Caribbean blue, the sand, the air, it can give you an amazing sensation of relaxation. You will be stress free if you visit one of the beaches in Cuba. There are options for everyone, if you want to relax you can find a beach to lay out, if you want to scuba diving you will find one for that or one to practice water sports.

Also, when you travel to Cuba we recommend you to say in Casas Particulares in Havana, or any other city you visit. This will give you the opportunity to have a one to one contact with the locals, and learn about their culture and way of being.

Getting in touch with the local culture is a way to open your mind, it can increase your creativity and you will be more open when you come back to work from vacation.

One thing you don´t want to chase in Cuba is the music, you will find music in every corner. This is a musical island, there are musicians in the streets that performs excellent pieces of local music, like salsa.

You also should try the local food, in the places call Paladares you will find the best food. There are privates small restaurants.

Now you know the reasons why you should go on vacations, it´s good for your health, for your brain and also for your current job. Visit Cuba and get rid of the stress, enjoy the Caribbean and you will return to work in better shape. Do you need to book an accommodation? Contact us.

 Why you should go on vacations 12 reasons infographic

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