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10 things you can do in Varadero

Mon 04 Jun 2018

The best things you can do in Varadero

The amount of tourist destinations in Cuba is large. As specialist in a trip to Cuba, we will show you the best things you can do in Varadero. So, you can enjoy all the goods that the island offers to you. Do you like outdoors activities? Keep reading and learn more about the places to visit.

The best things you can do in Varadero

Varadero is one of the most visited places on the island. Its natural attractions make this city one of the best in terms of tourism. Being close to the capital becomes a must for most people, residents or foreigners.


These are some of the things you can do in this town. There are activities for the whole family that you will enjoy if you include Varadero on your next trip to Cuba.

Enjoy the beach

The coast of Varadero is large and in it, we can find most of the renowned hotels in the country. The white sand and crystal-clear waters make this part of the coast a popular destination. It is ideal to practice water sports, it is one of the best places to dive in Cuba.

It is necessary to mention that the temperature of the water is warm during a great part of the year. It is around 22 degrees between July and September, in the rainy season and therefore the coldest. While in the dry season (September to November) the water temperature oscillates 28 degrees centigrade.

Visit the Verahicacos Ecological Reserve

This protected area conserves most of the flora and fauna, unique on the north coast of the island. It is in the Hicacos Peninsula and receives many tourists a year. It attracts the attention of people because it offers direct contact with another type of ecosystem. And even more when you consider the proximity to the beach.

In this ecological reserve, we can find different unique species in the world. The zunzuncito hummingbird, for example, is the smallest bird in the world and can only be observed in Cuba. The vegetation is also quite particular as the Patriarch. A cactus that measures seven meters in height and its roots have the same length.

Cave of the Muslims

In Spanish Cueva de los musulmanes, it is a characteristic area located within the Verahicacos Ecological Reserve. It is a set of caves that provide views of the bay of Varadero. Because of these advantages offered, they became the hiding place of several Cuban smugglers in the mid-nineteenth century.

Although this place is known for its criminal past, many people visit it every year because there are numerous traces of prehistory in that place. Being within an Ecological Reserve, its conservation is a priority.

Attend the dolphinarium

The dolphinarium is in the Punta Hicacos Natural Park, a few kilometers from the city of Varadero. It is one of the most important attractions in the northern part of the island. It was founded in 1984 and since then receives a considerable number of tourists, both local and foreign.

About 800 people visit this natural attraction daily. Turning it into one of the most important in Varadero. If you want to spend a different afternoon you should consider a visit to this natural park.

Craft fair Los Caneyes

If you want to buy some souvenirs you cannot miss the artisan fair in the city. In it, you can find all kinds of things. From clothes and clothing to statuettes manufactured manually by residents. It is a place visited by many foreign tourists thanks to the wide variety of gift they offer.

To get there it is not so complicated, from any point of the city you can take a taxi or a tourist bus. These buses go through all the places of interest in Varadero.

Bellamar Caves

If we talk about the activities you can do in Varadero, we cannot leave out the Bellamar Caves. Is not only the oldest tourist center on the island, but it receives the largest number of tourists throughout the year. Its natural charms are the main attraction of these caves.

Although the popular name is Cuevas de Bellamar, we must emphasize that it is a single cavity with several ramifications of 24 kilometers in length. Many experts and professionals give it the name of Paleocaverna Bellamar. In one way or another, the natural monument is the most important in the area.

According to the studies carried out on this terrain, it can be assured that this cave was formed 300 thousand years ago. Matanzas Bay was the initial location. The telluric movements allowed, later, to dry the water in its interior and originating the cave that we know today.

Visiting this tectonic cave should be a must stop if you go on vacation to Varadero.


Al Capone´s house

Al Capone, one of the most popular mobster in the 20th century, built a summer house in Varadero. A villa with the purest California style that today works as one of the best restaurants on the island. Due to its proximity and history it is one of the most visited places by local and foreign tourists.

While it is true that Cuba has a myriad of natural landscapes that attracts the attention of tourists, this type of iconic buildings is a good place to visit.

The Beatles Bar

At night the fun in Varadero does not stop. The city has a very characteristic bar called The Beatle. Set in a 60's décor, very like London style of that time. It has in its interior a replica of the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing.

Although many residents prefer to visit other more autochthonous and Caribbean-themed bars, this venue is a good option. The place receives many foreign tourists a year and its popularity is growing among the youngest.

Josone Park

The history of the park is quite peculiar. The name is formed from the initials José and Onelia and goes back to the decade of the 30 '. At that time José Iturrioz, director of the Arrechavala rum factory, bought the first property of Varadero just around a lagoon that was there.

This park is a very important place in the city and one that cannot be ignored. It has an artificial lake and four restaurants that offer several types of food. This is the true family space where fun for the little ones in the house is guaranteed.

It is open for tourism for a long time, Josone gathers 500 thousand tourists a year approximately. It has a tunnel, which although it originally exited on the beach, nowadays it takes you directly to the International Diving Center of Varadero.

Excursions in Varadero

In Varadero, there are available different tours that you can take to get to know the place a bit more. You can even take several tours in your trip to Vinales.  These are some routes of tourist interest.

Varadero City Tour

This tour is done throughout the week and it last all day. It starts with the collection of visitors by the hotels and then a panoramic tour of the city. After this end, they take you through the House of Al.

In the end, visit the Craft Fair, where they give you some time to make purchases souvenirs. Afterward, the group moves to the Casa del Tabaco and the Casa del Ron. Later, as the last place to meet, there is the Xanadú Mansion, where they enjoy a cocktail.

Bellamar Caves

It is done daily and lasts for half a day. Start with the collection of the group by the hotels. From where you start towards the town of Matanzas. It should be noted that the car has air conditioning and a guide. So, it is very comfortable.

On the way you can see important places such as the university, Plaza de la Vigía, the bay, Parque de la Libertad and Plaza del Mercado. The first stop is the Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas. Then visit the Ermita de Monserrate and appreciate the view of Yurumí Valley. Later it goes towards the Cuevas de Bellamar, National Monument, where a guided excursion takes place. At the end, they will return to Varadero.

Matanzas Tour

It takes place from Monday to Sunday and lasts all day long. Start by searching for the participants. Later visit the Bellamar Caves. At the end, an exploration of the locality is made. It attends places like the Plaza de la Vigía, Teatro Sauto, Casa Amigos del Danzón, "Pedro Esquerré" Gallery, and Vigía Ediciones.

Afterward, he goes to the Provincial of the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists, the Freedom Park and the Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas. As the last destination, it goes to the Monserrate Viewpoint.

Now that you know the things you can do in Varadero, you can start organizing your trip. Remember that you can book your accommodation easily. Contact us and we will guide you with all your questions.


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