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How to discover more interesting places in your trip to Cuba?

Wed 14 Jun 2017


When you decide to travel you want to make the most of your days abroad, in www.bandbcuba.com we will like to tell you how to discover more interesting places in your trip to Cuba. If you stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, that's a starter point. Keep reading and learn what you can do to have a better vacation in this amazing Caribbean island.

Getting to know Cuba

Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean, it’s an amazing place to go on your next vacation. The weather is warm, the beaches looks like a postcard, and it has manglares, coral reefs, natural parks, and so many historical places that can captivate you.

In Cuba you can listen music everywhere, and fell the Cuban rhythm, if you don't like to dance in Cuba you will start doing it. The rhythms will get into your bones. Another thing to love about Cuba are the antiques cars, the rum, and the tobacco.

But also, their people, Cuban's are very nice, they are kind and open to tourist. In your trip the best you can do is to live an authentic experience, getting in touch with the locals and making the most of your days.


Learn how to discover more interesting places in your trip to Cuba

Follow this advices and enjoy your trip to Cuba this summer.

Wake up early

If you wake up early you will be able to start your day earlier. So, you can discover the city while the sun rises. You will see amazing colors, and if you go out early you will find the tourist and cultural amenities free of crowds, so you can enjoy them and see more details.

If you wake up early and go straight to the beach, you’ll enjoy the view, free of people, and get to hear the waves and relax. Going to the beach is one of the pleasures of visiting Cuba, going early will assure you to have a good place in the sand to sit, rest, and enjoy the sun.

Waking up early means that you will get to take advantage of the whole day. It means more hours to go around, more places that you can visit.

Get in touch with the local everyday life

Watch the everyday life around you, this it’s an advice you must have heard a lot, get in touch with the locals. You can sit in a park, or walk around less tourist streets, watch the architecture structure of different areas.

Smell the local market, the stores, you’ll see there are very different from the ones at home. And there is where it lays the beauty of traveling, you will see the world, and learn that there are so many interesting things far from home. Traveling will open your mind, you will see, feel and discover things.

For a day, or for a few hours forget about the beaches, the nature, the music, and the drinks. And get in touch with the people, they are one of the things you should not miss in Cuba. Cubans are charming people, they are all smiles and rhythm

If you stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Holguin, you will get to see how kind and charming they are… And they will make you feel welcome at their home, you will feel like you are in your own place. Enjoy the grace of the Cuban people.

Take a lot of pictures

When you travel you will want to take a lot of pictures, going around with a camera or your phone taking pictures will bring the best of your artistic side. And you will be able to discover special things.

Pictures are a way to save your memories, and to show your friends and family how is Cuba, and how much you enjoy your trip.

But also, remember to put the phone or camera aside, to make memories in your mind, to appreciate the views with your own eyes and not through a screen.

Try the local food

The local food is one most in your checklist when you travel abroad. You should try what the locals eat and drink. It’s one of the best ways to get to know the local culture. Try some typical dishes from Cuba like the ropa vieja, white rice white beans, congris or a picadillo a la criolla, among other options.

Do not forget about the desserts, try some delicious arroz con leche, buñuelos or the tres leches cakes.

In Cuba it´s advisable to taste the local rum, it’s one of the most known products from Cuba around the world. You can drink this liquor dry or in one of their famous cocktails Like the famous Cuban’s Mojitos, the Cuba Libre or the ron Collings.

Do you remember we mention that you should be in touch with the local? Well, the food is an excellent way to do that. Eat where the locals eat, in Paladares and Local markets, also you will try the local food if you stay in a Bed and Breakfast.

Don’t visit just the main tourist attractions

Obviously you will want to visit the Malecon, Varadero, Trinidad, Old Havana, and others main tourist attractions, but, there is so much more than that in Cuba that you can enjoy. You just have to look deep and you will be able to see the real Cuba.

For example, Santa Clara, it's a great town to visit, it’s in the north. It’s a trend city, where you will find young people, local culture, modern music, and more open mind people.

Another example is Trinidad, this is an historical town, but there you also will enjoy the Cuban music. Not everything is about Havana. In Trinidad there is music everywhere. Visit the places where the Cubans enjoy the music, like cultural places, or the streets.

Visit small towns

trinidad cuba

If you travel to Cuba the chances are that you land in Havana, it’s the capital and it has the biggest airports. But it’s an island not so big, so you can go around in public or private transportation and visit other towns.

Every small place has his own charm and history, in Cuba there are historical places everywhere. You don’t want to miss that.

Some of the closest towns near Havana are Bejucal, Bauta, San Antonio De Los Banos, San Jose De Las Lajas, Jaruco, Guines, Batabano, Cabanas, among others.

A plan for your trip to Cuba

If you arrive to Havana you have to enjoy the beauties of the biggest city in Central America. The historical neighbourhoods, the Malecon, the beaches, museums, squares.

Havana Vieja it’s a place to visit. The old streets are a symbol of history, music, joy and some nostalgic feeling. The historical center of Cuba’s Capital it an historical place, it is rich in architecture, and there you will find some icons so the Revolution.

Culture is everywhere in Old Havana, you will see old cars, museums, castles, and so much more.

Don’t forget to visit the sugar plantations, to do hiking, scuba diving and also to go to the tobacco fabrics.

Others town to visit

But as we mention you should go and visit other towns also, like Santa Clara, it’s a town that is synonymous of Che, you can visit the museum that honor his life, and you can learn about him and his history. Also you don’t want to miss the monument in his honor.

Cienfuegos is another town to visit, it’s a city by the sea, with some monuments you will love to see and a very nice park.

One most in your list is Trinidad, it’s a colonial town, declared World Heritage by Unesco. It has churches and typical baroque architecture. It’s the “museum city of Cuba”, near the Plaza Mayor you will find museums and monuments, and a local market. You can go around the city walking, by horse or riding a bike.

Don't miss Camagüey, it´s a town declared World Heritage by Unesco, it has colonial houses, colourful streets. A beautiful and historical town that you should include in your list of places to visit in Cuba.

This are some main towns that we advise you to visit, but there are so many beautiful towns in Cuba. Some with historical places, others with beaches that are a paradise, anothers with beautiful green nature. There is a place for everyone, it depends on how many days you have to go around and what do you prefer to visit.

Don’t forget about Vinales, it´s a very friendly tourist town.

We recommend you to do your homework and read a lot before traveling to Cuba, make a plan ahead and contact us if you need help.

With this post you learned how to discover more interesting places in your trip to Cuba. Do you have another advice? Are you planning your trip? Talk to us about that.


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