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Outdoor activities to enjoy in Cienfuegos

Tue 03 Oct 2017

 Outdoor activities to enjoy in Cienfuegos

With its privileged location, the province of Cienfuegos is a Paradise for nature lovers. The Caribbean Sea and Sierra del Escambray offer so many beautiful sceneries for visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to do these outdoor activities to enjoy in Cienfuegos that Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, bandbcuba.com, brings to you.

More than a cosmopolitan city

Cienfuegos is a jewel, a cosmopolitan city with a rich architecture in which the French influence stands out. This is the capital of the province with the same name. The city center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and National Monument.

This is a modern city where the culture and customs are a mixture of European, African and Asia influences. But its neoclassical style is not the only thing that makes this city beautiful.

The province is bordered by the Sierra del Escambray and limits with the Caribean Sea at the south. Its nickname is “Perla del Sur” (Pearl of the South), because of its magnificent bay.

Thanks to its location it has a lot of natural attractions to enjoy. From water sports to hiking, or birth watching at the forest, there is a lot to see and to do. It worth to rent a bed and breakfast in Cienfuegos to expend a few days and get to know the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

Outdoor activities to enjoy in Cienfuegos

Whether you like the mountain or the sea, it’s ok. There is the best of both worlds in Cienfuegos. We will take a tour around some of the activities available if you want to be in contact with nature.

Sailing in Cienfuegos

The bay is one of the main attractions in the province. And from there you can take a trip to discover the beauty hidden at the keys.

The catamaran trips take usually several days to be able to cross several sites. They are expensive and is recommended to book in advance. But the experience worth the price. Travelers will have the opportunity to swimm in crystal clear waters, to see the coral reef. Also, fishing and snorkeling are available.

At the keys, you can also get off the boat to hike around and see the local flora and fauna. Some of the creatures you can sight during these trips are jutias, iguanas, turtle and more.

If you like fishing this is your opportunity to do it in this Caribbean paradise. Maybe you catch the fresh food of the day.

Some things to keep in mind for these tours:

  • Some of the trips include transportation from Havana, Varadero or other cities. You can join to the whole itinerary or ask for an option that starts in Cienfuegos.
  • Be flexible, the itinerary of this kind of trips can change due to weather conditions.
  • Always use sun cream protection. Remember to bring this from home.
  • You won’t be alone on the yacht, so you must respect the resting time of the rest of the passengers.

Places to go on your sailing trip

Here is a list of the places you might be visiting on your Cuba sailing adventure.

  • Cayo Largo: This key offers 13 kilometers of white sand beaches. It’s the second largest island of the Canarreos Archipelago. When you are not at the beach, visit the turtle farm, where some of them have more than 100 years old.
  • Cayo Rico: At this key, you can snorkel to see the coral reef, drink some cocktails or take a walk around the island to see the friendly iguanas.
  • Cayo Sal: For water sports lover here are some, here is another chance to practice some. Again snorkeling is available, also swimming and kayaking.
  • Cayeria Los Majaes: Enjoy the shallow pools that you’ll find at this group of islands and watch the colony of iguanas.
  • Cayo Cantiles: Another good place to get closer to the fauna. Iguanas, and jutias are the main attraction.

Diving in Bay of Pigs

If you like the adventure, another activity you must do in Cienfuegos is diving into the Bay of Pigs.

The "Bahia de los Cochinos" has crystal clear that allows seeing the coral reef. And it’s warm enough to dive in and get closer to them. There are some dive shops that can provide you with the things you need to dive.

Enjoy the visual feast that you’ll have in front of you. Prehistorical coral reef, colorful and brilliant fishes around it, and many other animals that will catch your attention.

Snorkeling in Caleta Buena

snorkelling in Cuba

Caleta Buena is a set of natural pools that became a touristic complex. It’s located at the southeast of Playa Giron, at the entrance of Bay of Pigs. This is a cave with clear water and abundant undersea life that makes it perfect for snorkeling. To enter you must pay 15 CUC, and it includes an open bar and a buffet.

Some of the things you can explore include the rocky drop-offs surrounding the bay. You’ll also see soft and hard corals and more colorful fishes. Be careful with the sea urchins that can be abundant in the area.

This is a popular place, in order to avoid the crowd is better to arrive as early as possible. To go there you can rent a bike or a scooter at Playa Giron.

Take a bath a the natural pools in El Nicho

El Nicho waterfall is a natural spot located at one and half hour from Cienfuegos. Is inside Parque Natural Topes de Collantes. This fall is an amazing place to stop and take a rest during a hike through the forest.

When you arrive to this paradisiacal place it feels like you are far away from civilization. In addition to the waterfall, the natural pools are also a great attraction for Cubans and tourists. The largest one is at the bottom of the fall, but there are some smaller around the place.

The water is cold, but after a walk is inviting. If you go there don’t miss the chance to go into this pools.

There is a fee of 9 CUC to enter El Nicho. Inside the park, there is a restaurant where you can eat and have some drinks.

Take a boat at Laguna Guanaroca

Laguna Guanaroca is the only protected area in Cienfuegos Province. This is a saline lake located in the southeast of the city.

Before arriving at the lake, first you must take a hike guided through the forest. During the short walk is possible to see trees such as pear, avocados or lemon. But, we can say that one of the principal attractions should be the güira, this is the tree used to make maracas.

Follow all the way to the dock, where you can take a boat to go across the lagoon. Here the pink flamingoes are frequent visitors. Also the tocororo, Cuba’s national bird.

Visit the Cienaga de Zapata

From Cienfuegos is also possible visiting the Cienaga de Zapata. This place was declared Biosphere reserve and it has one of the most varied ecosystems not just in the country, but in the Caribbean.

And there is a lot of different activities you can do at the swamp. You can snorkel at the Cave of the fishes or sailing at the channels of Laguna del Tesoro.

Zapata Swamp is rich in spices of birds and reptiles. There is a crocodile breeding farm at Guama, an Aldea Taina.

Explore Martin Infierno CaveMartinf Infierno Cave

Martin Infierno is a cave located at Yaganabo valley, just 56 kilometers from Cienfuegos at Escambray mountain massif.

The cave is best known because inside there is the highest stalagmite in the world with 67,2 meters. Its diameter at the base is 30 meters. This cave is not open all year long and if you want to visit it, be sure to ask if it’s possible to enter the date of your trip.

Martin Inferno cave is located 650 meters above sea level and is 793 meters long. It’s accessible through mountain trails that can be dangerous. It’s recommended to be in good physical condition to explore the cave. But if this is the kind of adventure you are looking for, you will enjoy both the cave and the surroundings.

There are two legends linked to the name of the cave. The first one says that it received the name of a slave who escaped from a ranch in Trinidad. But, according to the second one, some wells inside the cave go to the hell. ¿which one do you believe?

This cave has become a very important site for scientific research. And it has declared National Monument in 1990.

Are you interested in going to some of these places and still don’t have where to stay in Cienfuegos? Contact us to book your accommodation.

These are some of the best outdoor activities to enjoy in Cienfuegos. There is a lot more to see and do in this province in Cuba. Would you recommend another activity? Tell us in the comments.


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