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Places you can’t miss on a trip to Viñales

Fri 11 Aug 2017

places you can’t miss on a trip to Viñales

Take note of these places you can’t miss on a trip to Viñales that BandBCuba.com, Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, describes for you. This little village is one of the most popular destinations among tourists, but usually they do a one day trip. Here will give you some reasons to stay longer.

Why you should visit Viñales?

Viñales is a small village located about 2 and half hours from Havana. The landscapes and tobacco fields are the main attraction. But travelers also know this place for its tranquility. It gives the chance to stay far from the big cities riot.

Even so, in high season a lot of people come to town to enjoy the views and adventures it has to offer. The village itself is quite and colorful, is more a place to relax, listening to music and dancing at night with locals. For most touristy activities you need to go outside the town.


There is a lot of things to see and do in Viñales. Most people will tell you about the Mogotes, the Viñales National Park, Santo Tomás and Indio caves among those sites you need to go. And yes, all that places worth the time and the visit. But there is more than that you can enjoy as well.

Let us guide you to new places, and include some of them on your “must do things in Viñales list”. As our first advice, take a few days to stay in the village and book at a casa particular. If you travel the same day from and off to Havana, there is a lot you’ll miss.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing this trip alone, in group or even with kids. There is something for everyone. Are you ready to explore deeper inside Viñales?

Places you can’t miss on a trip to Viñales

Horseback riding, cycling tours or trekking are some of the adventures to live in Viñales. And each one offers a different way to now the valley. If you are extreme sports lover there is also a place for you, in previous post we’ve talked about climbing trips in this side of the island.

You can explore Viñales Valley from top of the mountains or going under them, to know the extensive cave systems. Or you can relax taking a walking tour around, either way, you’ll enjoy this place.

But what else is out there? Most time people talks about the same places, and we are sure there is much more to see. One of the advantages to stay in Casas Particulares in Viñales is that the owners can tell you how to go out of the touristy route. Or, at least, add some places to your list that many people leave behind.

We’ll explore places both in town and outside of the village. Stay with us and get ready to know about this wonderful destination.

Cueva de San Miguel

Cueva del Indio Vinales

As we said, inside the mountains of the valley there is a wide network of caves. This have became one of the main attractions. Travelers hear a lot about Cueva del Indio and Cueva Santo Tomás. These are two of the biggest and magical caves at the valley.

But there is another one we recommend you to go. We’re talking about Cueva de San Miguel. This one is located 5 kilometers north of Viñales and the walk inside the cave is short. In just ten minutes you go from one side to the other.

At the entrance there is a bar, and at the end a restaurant. What is interesting about it is that you can learn about the history of slavery in Cuba and also about Santería, a native religion. This place is where slaves hid when they escaped from their masters, during colonial time.

After touring the cave you can eat at the restaurant, or see the shows they have prepared. It could be entertaining for all the family.

Parque prehistórico

This is a small an eclectic attraction where you would love to walk around and take the kids with you. It is very educational, also, especially if you are lucky to meet Jesús Arencibia Coro, a local man in charge of the museum.

But he’s not just in charge of this interesting place, he’s actually the owner of the garden. Here you can spend a few hours learning about medical plants and talking about dinosaurs. It’s very entertaining.

At the entrance there is a sign which says “Parque Prehistórico de Referencia Nacional. Paleontología. Biología. Antropología. Medicina Tradicional”, (Paleontology. Biology. Anthropology. Natural Medicine). This is because the museum is a mix of different things.

Coro is a “learner”. In his garden you’ll see collections of shells, fossils and rocks. Also, he grows prehistoric, medicinal and endemic plants. He couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for the donations he had received through the years. People from all over the world have sent specimens that he added to his collections.

If you plan to go there, it would be a good idea to give him a gift as well. The admission to the museum is free, but a donation would be appreciated. It is located at Adela Azcuy, nº6 Norte.

Loma del Fortín

If you like adventure an adrenaline, this zip lining canopy tour is for you. Loma del Fortín Canopy is located on the edge of the Palmarito Valley, 5 kilometers away from the town. It was open in September 2015. The security equipment is new and the crew is very professional.

You can fly on top of the trees in the four lines of the zip line canopy. This activity will give you a different view of the valley from the air.

The air travel is one kilometer and the highest tracts reach 35 meters. 12 years old kids and older can also enjoy this adventure. They will do the travel with a member of the crew.

Remember that to do this kind of activity people must be in good health condition. They take groups of 12 people at the time.

Balcón de Valle

If you go to Viñales because of the views, then you will love this place. Balcón del Valle translates as Balcony of the Valley, and the name lives up to what you'll find in this place. Go there to get inspired or resting from other activities.

It is one of the best places to see the sunset. So, you can arrive a few hours earlier, take a place in one o the three wooden decks and wait until the sun starts to hide.

The balcony of the valley is situated 3 kilometers away from the town of Viñales. There is no doubt that this place comes with a privileged location. From there you’ll enjoy the view to the mogotes and tobacco fields.

It’s open from noon to midnight. The food choice is between chicken, fish or pork prepared country style.

Centro Cultural Polo Montañez

Looking for live music? Any traveler to Cuba knows that the island is synonymous of music. And you will find music everywhere you go. Being Viñales a small and more quite place than Havana, it doesn’t mean people there don’t like partying.

The village comes to live at night and there are a few places where you can enjoy some Cuban music. One of these locations is the Centro Cultural Polo Montañez. This bar and restaurant has a beautiful colonial style, with an open patio where people eat, drink, dance and enjoy the night.

Every night there is a different show. But if you are worried about your dancing skills, don’t be. People from the valley are friendly and they are willing to teach travelers how to dance salsa, bachata or merengue.

This is a must go place, and one of the reasons you should stay at least one night at the valley. It’s easy to find, just look for the town´s square (there is only one), close to the church. Are you an address person? Well, here you have it: corner  Salvador Cisneros & Joaquin Pérez.

Jardín Botánico

Jardin de Caridad Vinales

Are you in a relaxing mood? Make a stop at the Casa de Caridad Botanical Garden, situated at the northern edge of Viñales. Here you can take a quite walk, with a great view and also learn about the plants.

This garden shows a mix of ornamental and medicinal plants and flowers. A collection of orchids is the main attraction of the place. But also are the plastic dolls in the trees, they add some mystery to the walk.

The two sisters, Caridad and Carmen, where known in the town thanks to their garden. The both are death now, but you can still go to their private garden and someone will show you around.

It’s a good way to learn about fruit and exotic plants. And it’s possible to taste some fruits, ask if you can take one!

The admission to the garden is free, but also, a donation is well received.

With this places you can complete your list of “must visit” in Viñales. If you are interested in booking a casa particular in town, contact us.

Did you know this places you can’t miss on a trip to Viñales? Tell us what you think about them.


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