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What to do in Playa Larga Cuba?

Fri 13 Oct 2017

What to do in Playa Larga Cuba

When traveling to this island there are so many locations to visit that you might get overwhelmed. That is why in Bed and Breakfast in Cuba www.bandbcuba.com we will like to chat you about one place you do not want to miss. We will talk you about what to do in Playa Larga visiting Cuba. A paradisiacal place located in Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs). Keep reading and learn more

Basic information about Playa Larga

People who travel to Cuba usually concentrate in the classic places, like Habana and Varadero, those are cities you must visit. But, not far from them, there are greatest destinations, all them with indisputable beauty.

Playa Larga is located at the South of Bahia de Guama, at is the approximately 13 kilometers of Bahia de Cochinos. It is part of the Peninsula National Park. It is surrounded by the Zapata Peninsula and Playa Giron.

This place is historical. This town and Playa Giron where the scenery for the landing of the Cuban forces in the exile, during de Bay of Bay invasion. That was an operation sponsored by the CIA (organization of the USA government) on April 17 of 1961 to try to overthrow the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro. The Americans were repelled by the locals.

This is a great place for ecotourism lovers, and the enthusiastic of the Cuban´s recent history. This is a cozy town, perfect for the ones who look for peace and to get in touch with nature. You will get to see coral reefs, swamp, flooded caves and mangroves.

Playa Larga is located at the south of the Matanzas Province. You only can get there by road, you can take a bus, a taxi or renting a car to get there. The distances from Havana is 140 kilometers, from Varadero es 105 kilometers and from Cienfuegos is 181 kilometers.

One of the best ways to get there is renting a car because you will be able to know this entire peninsula. If you prefer you can hire a tour, an excursion that will walk you for the rest of the area. The bus from Havana cost 6 CUC and it takes just 30 minutes.

Bahia de Cochinos

We mentioned above why this places it´s known around the world, it has historical meaning. But it should not just be identified because of that, it has amazing beaches where you can practice scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you are wondering why Bay of pigs. It´s because of popular tale that says that there were a large amount of this animals in this territory before the civilization arrived there. Here you will find Playa Giron and Playa Larga, beautiful beaches to practice snorkeling. The water i is transparent, the hide coral reefs and caves with a rich undersea life.

If you can immerse there you can discover some secrets in the bottom of the ocean, like shipwrecks. There are 30 zones for scuba diving, and also natural pools.


What to do in Playa Larga Cuba?

In this area, there is a lot of activity to do. Like snorkeling, scuba diving, visiting the flooding caves and even fishing in Treasure Lake. This lake is the largest freshwater lake in the country. You also can do bird watching, visit some archaeological places and enjoy the Playa Larga Beach. Snorkeling in Playa Larga is one of the most popular activities.

You can stay in casas particulares in Playa Larga and enjoy staying in a quiet place, eating the local food, sharing with Cubans and enjoy the Sol by the sea.

Explore the Zapata peninsula

The Zapata Peninsula is the biggest in Cuba, with 300 thousand hectares. It has a length from east to west of 175 km, and 58 km of width, The Peninsula National Park is has a vast ecological value.

This is the largest wilderness area in Cuba, there you will be able to find and see dozens of endemic and migratory species, like the Cuban crocodile. There also you can see 900 species of native plants.

This is a marshy ecosystem, it belongs to the Matanzas province. It has the most complex karst drainage system of the island. It is part of the best preserved green regions of Cuba.

The landscape has low, marshy and semi-swamp plains, on peaty deposits and limestone rocks. With hydromorphic soils and vegetation of natural savannas of aesthetic and scenic value, such as the Treasure Lagoon and the Hatiguanico river basin. This is the main fluvial artery of the area, as well as Playa Larga and Playa Girón.

The vegetation of the Ciénaga de Zapata forms one of the most important green areas of Cuba and, due to the species of flora and fauna that lives there, represents a place of world interest.

Playa Larga, typical Caribbean beach

Playa Larga is the typical Caribbean beach. It has the look of the best Cuban beaches. The water is calm and clean, the sand is white, palm trees and an exotic plan cover that covers the surrounding areas. This beach is a big esplanade of 4 kilometers long of sand.

Playa Larga beach in Cuba, there are some elements that endow this beach with its own identity. Like the Laguna de las Salinas, where the birds shelter where there is winter. And there you can find fantastic coral reefs in the surrounds of the Bahia de Cochinos.

There you can find huge shark lady swimming in the bay, it is not a dangerous shark and if you scuba dive there you can touch it.

It´s a place that remains almost virgin. People who has been there said you should visit it now before it gets very famous. Locals take good care of the places, the attention is very good, you will enjoy it.

Cueva de Los Peces

This cave is in de Zapata Swamp in the Matanzas Province. Is a spectacular place, a beautiful cenote, is one of those peculiar flooded caves that you can find in some regions in Central America. In the upper part of the cenote you can find an idyllic lagoon with calm waters surrounded by vegetation.

You can get there from Playa Largo, it is easy to find excursions from there to Zapata Swamp. In the lake you could find a diving club where you can rent the equipment to dive in, you can do this always with the companion of a professional. It cost between 10 and 35 CUC depending on if you bring your equipment or if you want just to snorkeling or scuba diving.

Jumping in there will let you explore the mysterious depths of this cave. This cave communicates with the lagoon through a submerged cavity.

There you can find another bigger gallery that connects the lagoon with the sea. Although the most interesting part of the dive is below, in the bottom of the cenote. It is dotted with stalactites and populated by amazing tropical fish. A real wonder.

If you love the adventure and adrenaline this is the best thing you will find in this region of Cuba. There you will get in touch with nature and see amazing things. After diving in the waters you can eat good food near the lake.

Cueva peces Cuba

Playa Giron

This is not technically a thing to do in Playa Blanca, but it is very close to that place. So if you are staying in Casas particulares there you can go to Giron in a day trip. This is a place like many others you will find in Cuba: small, beautiful and with turquoise water, with amazing reefs.

One of the things that could amaze you more of this place is that it has seen many attacks and has overcome to all. The first attack was in the XVII century by pirates. As a result of this action, they kept the name Giron, because it was the name of one of the pirates.

The second attack we mentioned it before, it´s well known around the world. That is the Bay of Pigs attack on the United States. The locals feel a lot of pride in this event. There you can find boards that represent the pride of this people for their participation and victory in this event.

Laguna del Tesoro

It´s the oriental boundary of the Montemar Park, it´s halfway between Jagüey Grande and Bay of Pigs. You can get there by boat from Boca de Guama, through a channel surrounded by thick vegetation. With its 9 km2 and 5 km in diameter, the lake has plenty of trout that inhabit its crystalline waters of 4 m of average depth. It is a perfect place for nature tourism and fishing in Cuba.

Also to trout, you can find manatees and manjuaríes, a living fossil that is only found in the Ciénaga de Zapata, although its fishing is prohibited.

Now you know what to do in Playa Larga Cuba? There are so many things to appreciate in this places, especially natural beauties. There you can get to dive, explore the depths of the ocean, but also appreciate birds, a variety of trees and of course the beach. Tell us in the comments what destination you prefer Playa Giron or Playa Larga. If you like to book an accommodation in this town please contact us.


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