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Casas Particulares in Boca de Camarioca

  If you are looking to relax and escape from popular touristy spots and still enjoy the wonderful beaches of Cuba, this is the town to visit. Bed and breakfasts in Cuba invite you to rent a room in one of the casas particulares in Boca de Camarioca. This village has a privileged location in Matanzas, and these are the reasons to visit it.

A growing town

Matanzas is one of the most famous provinces among tourist in Cuba. The main reason is that Varadero town is in there. But there is another village, a small one, which is also a gem.

Boca de Camarioca is a quiet town, with beautiful beaches and one of the best sunsets visitors will find on the island. Its location is privileged, in the Varadero Corridor -along Via Blanca- is on the way of tourist who travels from Havana to Varadero peninsula.

It is close to bigger cities and the airport. And, even if a lot of travelers have discovered it, it is still not so crowded. Boca de Camarioca is a relaxing beach area that let an essence of the real Cuba to all the visitors.

This fishing village is at the Camarioca River´s mouth that gives the town its name. In the recent years, it has grown fast after the government relocated the fisherman of Las Morlas in this area. Now, this working man has become another attraction in the town.

Also, the tourism helps the development of this small village. Most people in Boca de Camarioca Varadero Cuba are self-employed and work in this industry. This means that now there are more houses to stay and that locals are learning languages to communicate with travelers.

What to see in Boca de Camarioca

The coastline, with its blue water and white sand beach, is the main attraction of Boca de Camarioca. The town is small, with a few amenities such as restaurants and bars, but still with a great nightlife.

As the town itself, the beach is small, but it’s quite, relaxing and not crowded with tourists. There is a peninsula that leads to an area with sharp volcanic rocks. Also, this spot comes to life at the sunset, when locals park their cars here to watch the sun hiding in the horizon. It is a colorful show that you will be grateful to witness together with the friendly Cubans.

Some of the magic of the village is that visitors are close to other popular spots. Going to Varadero take less than 30 minutes.

Playa Coral is another beach near to Boca de Camarioca, only 10 km. away from town and also very quiet. This is one of the best places for snorkeling and diving in the area. If you are an enthusiast of these water activities other places to visit is Laguna de Maya and Saturn Cave. Inside the cavern, there is a natural pool with clear water where visitors can refresh themselves.

The casas particulares in Boca de Camarioca are waiting for you. Contact us if you want to book a room now.

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