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Casas Particulares in Playas del Este

Staying in casas particulares in Playas del Este is the best way to enjoy this string of beaches. Bed and breakfast in Cuba have a great selection of accommodations in this area for travelers who want to escape the city. Deep blue sea and white sand are waiting for you only a few miles away from Havana.

A paradise just outside Havana

Havana is a good point to start your vacations in Cuba. It is a lively and colorful city. But after a few days, travelers will desire to be in a quieter place. And go somewhere to take a break from the noisy capital. That place is 20 minutes outside the city in a car ride. We are talking about Playas del Este.

Playas del Este is the Spanish for beaches of the east. It refers to a shortline of 10 kilometers at the eastern side of Havana. This set of beaches are a real paradise in Cuba. Turquoise waters, fine white sand and perfect to outdoor activities.

Clear your mind with a walk along the beach, go swimming in the crystal clear waters. Take a rest under an umbrella while sipping fresh coconut juice with rum. These beaches are popular among tourists and locals, but not so crowd as other destinations like Varadero. So they are perfect to enjoy a quiet time in a paradisiacal place.

The string of beaches starts at Bacarunao and ends at Playa Jibacoa. There are also restaurants, stores, cafes, and bars to enjoy the visit. And, at the beaches, you could relax or enjoy water sports.

Beaches in Playas del Este

  • Santa María del Mar. It is a 3 kilometers long beach and the most popular one in the area. There it is possible to rent jet skis and catamarans.
  • Boca Ciega. This is also one of the best beaches in Playas del Este. It is popular among LGBT travelers.
  • Tarara. It is a quiet beach, perfect if you are looking for a peaceful journey. There was an amusement park before the revolution, but it doesn’t exist today.
  • Guanabo. This area has the cheapest accommodations and the beach is most popular among Cubans.
  • Jibacoa. It is also a quiet beach, a great place for diving and snorkeling.
  • Bacuranao. This is a peaceful beach with quiet waters. It is closer to Havana than the others.

Casas Particulares in Playas del Este

There are a few hotels in this area, but not so many as in Varadero. Some tourists prefer to stay in Havana and take a day trip to Playas del Este. But the taxi ride is expensive, as well as the hotels. You could do the same but you’ll be missing most of the fun.

To know the whole area, we recommend staying in casas particulares. Book a few days in Playas del Este to have the opportunity to discover what it has to offer. Not just the beaches, but the countryside.

If you want to know which are the bests casas particulares in Playas del Este take a look at our website.

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