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Casas Particulares in Sandino

In Bed and Breakfast in Cua www.bandbcuba.com, we will like to talk you about Sandino, a town in Cuba that belongs to the Pinar del Rio Province. This is located in the westernmost part of Cuba. If you like to get to know this place on your next trip to this Caribbean Island stay in Casas Particulares in Sandino. Keep reading and learn more about this amazing destination.

A place with so much to offer

Sandino has a natural wealth in the Guanahacabibes peninsula, backed by its lush vegetation, flora, and fauna, along with the attractions that enclose the seabed.  The land is flat, but it has forests. Also beautiful beaches and lakes.

The territory also contains the footprint of the first settlers of the island and precisely received their name, converted by the UN Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) in Biosphere Reserve since 1987.

The National Park of the same name, located in that area, also constitutes the largest forest reserve in the country. It is separated from the rest of the territory by an isthmus where there are the white sand plains and the greater lake area of Cuba.

This area is great for snorkeling and scuba diving, it has 50 sites for practicing this activity. It has 200 kilometers of coast. This is because Sandino has become a great place for tourists. When you immerse yourself you will be able to see a big extension of black coral and amazing oceanic landscape. 

You will find there different offers of diving courses and certifications. So you don´t have to be an expert in this sports, you could learn about diving there.

You will also find offers for deep sea fishing. So there are activities for different taste and different kind of tourist.

The beaches are rustic and lonely, are perfect for enjoying the beauties of the Caribbean.  You and your family will enjoy the natural splendors of this paradisiacal place.

 Sandino´s history

This is a region with a profound tobacco industry. It has a population of about 37 thousand persons. It is the biggest town in the province of Pinar del Rio, and the fifth in size in the whole island. Also geographically it is located in the most western part of the island.

This town was founded in 1964 as a tribute to the Nicaraguan Augusto Cesar Sandino. And then was extended in 1976. But the history of this region is not new, it comes from the early years on the Spanish colonization, the first human settlements are from the early years of the XVI century.

Casas Particulares in Sandino

Sandino, it´s a place you should visit on your next trip to Cuba, it´s special if you like to practice diving because the under the sea landscape offers amazing views.

This is also a good place if you want to enjoy the flora and fauna, as a great lake area is an opportunity to get in touch with nature.

If you visit this town we recommend you to stay in Casas Particulares in Sandino, Bed and Breakfast In Cuba are an occasion to stay in touch with the locals, and are the best option price/quality. You will stay in comfortable bedrooms with all the facilities included.

If you need more information about this destination or other in Cuba please contact us, we will love to help you. 

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